Do You Have Art to Sell?
Let Us Help You Get the Fairest Price

If you are looking to sell artwork and want to get the best market price, Contemporary Art Trader can help. Whether you wish to consign your artwork or sell it outright, we have contacts in all the right places to ensure you get the fairest deal on the market today. We have years of experience as art brokers and have established ourselves with major galleries and art collectors the world over. This puts you and your artwork in a fabulous position to get the best returns on your art investment.

Consign or Sell Outright? Which is Right for Me?

This is a good question, and one we are asked many times. The major benefit when you consign art is that you usually make more money when it sells than you would if you were to sell outright. However, with consigning, you will only make that money when your artwork sells. The good news there is that we have our foot firmly in the door with a huge selection of galleries, and we know how to match specific artwork with the right gallery so that it sells quickly and for the best price possible.

If you would rather sell your artwork outright, we can put it in front of private buyers looking for the latest or specific contemporary art. Again, we have many contacts in the market that are on the constant lookout for street art and art prints. We are confident that we can find the right buyer to suit your needs.

Why Choose Contemporary Art Trader to Sell Your Artwork?

Whether you have a Banksy to sell or you would like to consign a collection of street art prints, we are in a strong position to help you. Over the many years we have been in the industry, we have helped countless art lovers get the best returns on their art investment, and to sell for the absolute best price. We can also give you a free price evaluation on your request.

Art is always a strong market to invest in, and street art is a scene that shows very little sign of ever losing momentum. Using our years of experience, we will ensure we put your artwork in front of those looking to buy right now, or find a suitable gallery where your art will gain the most exposure.

Call Contemporary Art Trader today at 02890 123 456 or use our contact form if you are seeking assistance in selling your artwork, or if you are interested in a free price evaluation.


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